River City Church strives to build God’s kingdom in our homes, community, region, and the world. The kingdom of God is God’s rule and reign in our lives. God’s kingdom includes joy, peace, healing, love, and much, much more. We will strive to see that we walk in such a way as to contribute to those values that line up with God’s kingdom in all spheres of our lives.

The kingdom of God is far greater than any local church. We see ourselves involved in the work of God in this area and the world today. We consider ourselves part of the larger body of Christ . We are called to make disciples of the nations and that is what we aim to do.

Over the past 20 years, River City Church has made mission trips to Canada, Jamaica, Ireland, Latvia, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia, Romania, Guatemala and others. The purpose of each mission trip has varied from providing prayer over a certain part of the country to providing clothing to the under privileged, or building a school in Guatemala. We have preached the gospel of the Kingdom and prayed for healing and deliverance. Nonetheless, God has provided the means and desire of our hearts to reach the nations of the world with His Word.

Our hearts are always open to wherever our Lord leads us to go.