About Us

We are:
A hope centered, joy-filled group of people from all walks of life. We believe that all are welcome to belong to the church and aim to see that people feel that sense of belonging as they walk through our doors. We exist for people to come into an authentic encounter with the living God.

Our Mission:
Is to see Northern Minnesota transformed as we pursue the presence of God and believe for revival in our homes, churches and communities. We are here to see the works of the devil destroyed and to bring the power of the Kingdom of God everywhere we go. RCC is a place to connect, grow and go. It is a place to call home.

We Believe:

1. The entire Bible to be the inspired, the only infallible, authoritative Word of God.

2. That there is one God, eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as revealed in the Bible.

3. In the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, His virgin birth, His sinless life, His miracles, His  atoning death through His shed blood, His defeat of Satan, His bodily resurrection and ascension to the right hand of the Father, and His personal return in power and glory. (Philippians 2:6-7.)

4. That man was created by God and in the image of God. That he was tempted by Satan and fell.  Because of this , sickness, death, and judgement entered the world and now creation experiences the effects and consequences of sin.

5. That only through repentance (the acknowledging of, and turning from sin), and faith in Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior, a person receives forgiveness of sins and the gift of eternal life.  The Holy Spirit convicts, regenerates, justifies and adopts us as we enter the Kingdom of God as His sons and daughters.

6. The sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit, by whose indwelling, the Christian is enabled to live holy and minister super-naturally.  The baptism of the Holy Spirit according to Acts 1:4-8 and 2:4 is poured out on believers that they might have power to be witnesses.

7. In the spiritual unity of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ.  (Ephesians 2:19-22)

8. The Church consists of all who put their faith in Jesus Christ and exists to carry on the ministry of Jesus Christ and further advance His kingdom by undoing the works of the enemy, preaching and living the good news of God’s love, discipling  the nations, baptizing and teaching them to love and obey God.​

9.  In the resurrection of both the saved and the lost; they that are saved, unto the resurrection of life; and they that are lost, unto the resurrection of judgement.

River City Church’s mission is to establish the Kingdom of God in our region, our nation, and the world.

1.  Our first ministry is to God; therefore we worship with extravagant joy and gratitude​​​.  Our personal relationship with Him is our number one priority and everything that we do is an overflow of this ministry.

2.  Salvation frees us from the power of the devil~~sin, lies, sickness & torment; it is our joy to share this ‘good news.’

3.  Every believer is a supernatural minister of the gospel of power whom signs and wonders should follow.

All ministry flows from the prayer, “Thy kingdom come…on earth as it is in heaven.”
We equip and send the church to carry on the works of Jesus and greater works will we do.

4. We demonstrate God’s grace, His unconditional love and transforming power to EVERYONE.

We impact every area of society and culture so that mercy and justice will reign because we pastor a city and a region, not just a church.

5.  Christ is returning for a glorious overcoming bride, His Church. We are more than “sinners saved by grace,” we are saints-sons and daughters of the King.

We expect to successfully fulfill the Great Commission-passing on revival from one generation to the next-even if the world grows darker in the last days.​​​​​​
We embrace the biblical government of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers.